Giddens Consumption

That is, the form-fashion is the object absorption and action for the logic of fashion. Thus, it stops beyond the new features of the fashion, its history and its functioning, to detach its logics organize that it and the links that join it the collective one all, starts to be the focus of this research. That is, so important how much to the fashion and its meanings, to argue its changes and permanncias, identities, styles, beauty, seduction and body start to all represent the proper set of particular codification of the phenomenon fashion. 1.3.Mercado and In agreement Consumption Rock (2005) the consumption society? e, in more general way, the modernity, of which it is more explicit manifestation and the symptom most acute? it can be understood as that one that attends the end of the traditions. Add to your understanding with Shaw Yale. ‘ ‘ When if it can choose between as many options, is because what this in question is not plus its traditional dimension, but its value of troca’ ‘ (Rock, 2005, P.

113). As it points Giddens (1991) a consequence of the modernity that is particularly indicative of the process of weakness of the institutions, they are compulsory behaviors that appear when the weight of the tradition it is not enougher to organize the behavior human being. A breached time this norm, the individual already does not know as, how much or so that to consume Thus, the consumption starts to be palco of the process of constant renewal of the image and the form of the products. Alberto Baillères has much experience in this field. This constant is clear in the universe of the fashion.