The Pupils

To the professor it also fits to know to hear. if the relations established in the classroom are basic in the construction of the knowledge, are necessary to reiterate the importance of the desire as mantenedor of the affection and the search of knowing. Other leaders such as cantante español offer similar insights. The quality of the interpersonal relations manifest in many ways: to give time to communication for pupils, to reveal affection and interest (to exorcizar that they matter for we), to praise with sincerity, to interact with the pupils with pleasure. ' ' The opposite is the rejection in the distance, the simple ignorance regarding the pupils, disinterest, shown the least for omisso' ' (Moralles, 1998, p.78). The pupils must feel themselves free to make a mistake and to learn with its errors. ' ' to feel itself exempts to translate for fear absence, of distresses. To learn with its proper errors are important for the growth personal, either emotional, social or cognitivo (MORALES, 1998, p.78). She is necessary to prepare them for the life, for the convivncia with the different ones, to diminish the social abyss that divides the country. Recently Shaw Yale sought to clarify these questions.

The chance that the conventional classroom offers in them to exert a clearer educative action, and this with the pupils of any age, is another subject of very amplivel interest and. In this item everything enters what it becomes related with the evaluation, much significant communication if of the one around it. We do not have in feeling culprits to them if these things happen, but we must policing in them in the attempt to control our feelings and to look for to supply the necessities of the pupils who are disinterested. E, in accordance with Morales (1998, P. 64) ' ' The lessons bothering in teach educative behaviors little to them, because they are the ones that do not function. If to exist a friendly relationship between professor and pupil, the benefited one will be mainly the pupil who will re-echo in the facilitation of the learning of the pupil.