The Clouds

Is said likewise repeating old lessons: If the arrow, moving in the air, occupies a space equal to itself, can not, by so much, be in motion, so is at rest and motion is an illusion. Like me in my dream, nor dropped the plane. It has not even moved. It therefore remains tangled in the warp of eternity, sustained by ties of wind, by billowing strings. It must be suspended forever, swaying between the clouds, lightning and endless night. No you can have died, because it has never had any accident. In the midst of such considerations, Vespasian felt the need to succumb to a Flash of material authenticity.

But, if he has finally fallen, and this Hill has been the place where has reaped the fruits of death, then it must be inside the sarcophagus, in the humid crypt of marble festering and feeding worms. Because I can’t move me. I was at a point opposite the window and now am at myself in the mirror. I am in two different circumstances, without ceasing to be myself. That assumption stun him. You couldn’t brake the swing of his fantasy, when came to their rescue again Zeno of Elea man: assumes that Achilles can run ten times faster than a turtle, and the turtle already has an advantage of ten yards. It reaches the conclusion that Achilles will never reach the turtle, because when Achilles walk 10 yards the tortoise will have already advanced one and when Achilles walk that yard, the tortoise will have advanced a tenth of a yard and so on, so that the turtle never will be reached. Down that road he came to determine that the damaged plane had never gone against the top of the mound, because he remained flying, because it would never come to establish contact with the Massif because for that you should fractionate infinite space until the stunning reality for landing in the fields of the paradox.

Perhaps the President still wandered by an unknown path in search of a clear land to land next to its companions. Before the possible contradictions to his presumption, Vespasian calculated that up to the flight had been a dream or a nightmare and the plane still not had taken off. The head of the Government, in his view, should not be dead because the accident, later speculation of a conspiracy, both, not could flow from the same niche because they simply violated against reality. And, if you have even gone to the plane? If you are still somewhere, at a time prior to the rugged fiction published by the media, if they remain in pleasant talk, alien to all DIN, to all the madness?. Far from abandoning his slide toward the intricate labyrinths of the sophistry, Vespasian spleen face-saving as many musings as he allowed his imagination. Drunk fantasy argued the eventuality of fictitious life of a President, the fallacy of the elections, the system, the deception of his presence and a last outburst of logical insanity, its own nonexistence and of the entire universe, still waiting for the way to transgress the Eleatic philosophy. Original author and source of the article.

Stone Lady Clinton

The world the other way around exists. Never the evil will separate from the house del that pays bad by good (Proverbs 17:13.) If a deep study in the mind could be done of some sad and contradictory personages of the Extreme continental right, including among them the Stone Lady, Hilary Clinton, to president of Peru Alan Garci’a, the Venezuelan opposition and to Alvaro Uribe, we would discover that the Theory of the World the other way around of Eduardo Galeano exists in that not known dimension of the twisted minds of those who see in the liberation and integration of our towns something extremely dangerous. We would enter the dimension of the Psictica Dissosciation we could define that it as a process of handling of psychological codes where a fictitious reality is believed in the subconscious mind of the individual in which all the evils, and therefore all the negative that happens to him, comes from a single cause or a single person. The subconscious mind of the individual, arrives at a state that it induces to him to think that eliminating the cause of the evils that afflicts to him, it will have to reach the absolute happiness. As it would say to the Artist and humorous evil Orlando Urdaneta, before the cameras of the mayameras television transmitters: died the Dog, finishes to the rage. The Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, is strong candidate to the mental Examination of discarding of Psictica Dissosciation, to be able to verify what is the mental state of the North American Stone Lady.

It has fallen victim of the own virus that they and they have inoculated in ample sectors oposicionista in Latin America. Mrs. Clinton only sees an enemy win in our continent, Hugo Chavez. She is why no denunciation of magnicidio can be catalogued irresponsibly or like a species of presidential or pro-government Paranoia.

Citizenship Italian

Citizenship indicates the link between a person and a particular State, link that is designated by the expression: State of citizenship or, in latin, cividatis status. Citizenship is used to obtain, if one is abroad, the protection of the diplomatic or consular authorities of his country and is the source of a series of rights and obligations. From the moment that the citizenship is the origin of the political rights and often also of the civil rights, it is important know how is acquired. Citizenship can be original, acquired from the moment of birth, or can be derived, or that is acquired later to birth, based on a particular factor, such as, for example, marriage with a foreigner. In the first case, the States can use the criterion of jus sanguinis or jus soli.

In the second, citizenship is acquired mainly by naturalization, which can be, in turn, voluntary if it derives from the choice of the person or automatically, when the grants a State to a person who already holds another citizenship, to verify a fact provided by law. Jure Sanguinis according to law N? 91 of 5 February 1992, is considered an Italian citizen that individual parents son Italian citizens, (whether they are great grandfathers, great-grandparents, grandparents and father), without limits of generation via male. However children born before January 1, 1948 are Italian citizens only if they were born of Italian father, since the Italian woman transmitted citizenship to children only from that date. It is said that the children of Italian women born before 1948 have no right to take such citizenship. However there are three failures which recognized as Italian children of Italian mother born before 01/01/1948. Instead the transmission of citizenship through paternal line Iure Sanguinis not foresee limits, but does not support generation jumps, that is that none of the ascendants should never had resigned from the Italian citizenship. Note: Children of Italian mother born before 01/01/1948 article courtesy of: citizenship Express processing and acquisition of European citizenship. Original author and source of the article