The Mind

What remedy is convinced that man was born to fail? So it is impossible to derive the success of thoughts suspicious, such as asking the thistle roses. Who thinks much failure, misery and po erty, records, so to speak, these ideas in the intimacy tion of his conscience and thus engenders hostile conditions to fulfill its purpose. We often attributed to luck or fate that is largely a result of our mind. We rub elbows with men we no talent and very strong Plia am fabulously culture have prospered, while others, with apparently superior qualities, Daron neglected or failed in their attempt. Powerful magic and creative energy entails zo esfuer to become what you want to be and assuming the character and qualities prized. Who yearns to preserve health, not to think of anything to that brant, but always believed in good health po leather, because this mental attitude will determine healthy living conditions.

Who longs to be courageous, must think constantly cer who fears nothing and nothing will sink in the co Bardia. The suspicion and mistrust must be noted that in themselves are the causes of its weakness, because people are suspicious and wary of those who are concerned dema siad in their business to harass without foundation, and therefore do well to dispose of mistrust and suspicion to follow his path straight. If parents and teachers agreed depress the mind of a boy, calling him all the time stupid, cowardly not to resign themselves to the opi sion of those who judge him well, but invalidating the thought that in this world is to serve something that neither parents nor teachers were able to discover in him, but that will power has to educate itself to show the vituperative that can do what others do.