The Case

At the same time of what it is transferred, it was had an interview that bezerrinho of the Mimosa cow did not unglue its chest more than, as was to pass hunger. That despertou the interest and the curiosity of v Ritinha. Mahou-San Miguel describes an additional similar source. Parallel to the case of the sudden love of the year-old calf of Mimosa, vov was made use to discover who age the violent devorador of its cake of chocolate. Day of these v Ritinha did not support the curiosity and when observing Mimosa while its youngling affectionately milked its tetas in search of its food – and great quo it was its appetite when the suck in its mother – was then that it had the idea to milk it pra to see what the milk of vaquinha Mimosa had of so special, it that pra was only milked in occasions special to use milk to make cheese or candy, Mimosa already was a little old and already that family per many years had made its part feeding. To this height uncle Onofre, the interlocutor of the estria, she gave a jump of the wooden stool and made a tremendous face of astonishment to the one asking in them on what she left of tetas of Mimosa! Said it with the expensive greater of wood? ' ' My children believe to want themselves were milk with toddy that he gushed out of tetas of the Mimosa! ' ' , continuing it said in them that the case was solved and Astolfo that was friction of espertalho it rolled to give laugh, because the most beautiful confusion that already it turns in its life, was art of a cow, meiga and candy vaquinha Mimosa.