Schumacher Hype Makes The Cash Registers Ringing

Racing fever: Distributor and service upgrade to Dusseldorf, February 19, 2010 – photographers, camera crews and journalists urge on the search for perfect images, wrestling fans to take a look. It’s probably the comeback of the year. Pleasing for the TV channel RTL, Schumacher fans, Mercedes trailer and formula 1-colleagues, but especially for the retail industry. Already before his first race, Michael Schumacher has a merchandise record. Event agency BPE events & services from Kempen, specialist in rental of racing simulators, see thanks to box office magnet Schumi»roll to a roaring trade in and pulls all the stops now. In terms of motor sport, you have only recently sharply upgraded and taken deep into the Pocket.

«Boom in racing simulators ob at the Grand Prix of Australia, China, Spain and Germany: in the original reconstructed ‘formula 1-Rennsimualtor’ worth of Lapp-» 10,000 euros to speeds close to reality with top speeds of up to 360 km/h over the original tracks. Vibrations in the Steering wheel and Dolby Surround sound provide real race feeling. That goes under your skin: the driver followed the race and his opponent on his monitor, or alternatively via a large 50 «plasma TV or LCD projector with screen. Who would like to rent the Simulator, pays around 950 euros including personnel. A further audience Renner is BPE according to the ‘great caress’ 32 m length. This toured not last a few days ago with the third largest camera manufacturer in the world of Konica Minolta. The rental price is 900 euros including supervisors, construction and insurance.

Go rapidly also in the reconstructed ‘DTM Simulator’, which is strongly reminiscent of the original. Two participants per race from the perspective of the riders experience a thrilling part. Viewers can follow the action anxiously on a monitor mounted behind the vehicle. The racing seats, where it delivers thrilling duels in original racing seats are the latest purchase, however. A trained instructor, who is a each participant ensures the smooth running of the race always Short statement is and is for question and answer on the spot. Since July 2009 left Schumacher’s comeback announcement demand according to the BPE simulators noticeably higher shoot twice as many requests. According to the business leaders of Adam Baker Egon and Christian Baum, sales in the field of motor sport (simulation) have increased today to almost 50%. More information: