Stone Lady Clinton

The world the other way around exists. Never the evil will separate from the house del that pays bad by good (Proverbs 17:13.) If a deep study in the mind could be done of some sad and contradictory personages of the Extreme continental right, including among them the Stone Lady, Hilary Clinton, to president of Peru Alan Garci’a, the Venezuelan opposition and to Alvaro Uribe, we would discover that the Theory of the World the other way around of Eduardo Galeano exists in that not known dimension of the twisted minds of those who see in the liberation and integration of our towns something extremely dangerous. We would enter the dimension of the Psictica Dissosciation we could define that it as a process of handling of psychological codes where a fictitious reality is believed in the subconscious mind of the individual in which all the evils, and therefore all the negative that happens to him, comes from a single cause or a single person. The subconscious mind of the individual, arrives at a state that it induces to him to think that eliminating the cause of the evils that afflicts to him, it will have to reach the absolute happiness. As it would say to the Artist and humorous evil Orlando Urdaneta, before the cameras of the mayameras television transmitters: died the Dog, finishes to the rage. The Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, is strong candidate to the mental Examination of discarding of Psictica Dissosciation, to be able to verify what is the mental state of the North American Stone Lady.

It has fallen victim of the own virus that they and they have inoculated in ample sectors oposicionista in Latin America. Mrs. Clinton only sees an enemy win in our continent, Hugo Chavez. She is why no denunciation of magnicidio can be catalogued irresponsibly or like a species of presidential or pro-government Paranoia.